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        FAQ – Weddings

        Here is a collection of general questions we get asked often — If you have a question that’s not on this list just ask us!

        Who works at D’Arcy & Co?
        Danielle is the founder of D’Arcy & Co and the main photographer, she also shoots video.
        Mikayla is D’Arcy & Co’s main Videographer, she also does photography.
        We also have a few other photographers/videographers that assist us from time to time, but all images and video are edited by Danielle or Mikayla to ensure quality and consistency.

        How far do you travel?
        We will travel anywhere!
        Travel costs are included in our packages for weddings from Noosa down to Byron Bay. If your wedding is outside of this range we ask that our travel cost is covered, whether that’s fuel or plane ticket/accommodation. Message us to chat further!

        Do you do destination weddings?
        We love to! Get in touch to chat further.

        Do you offer a second photographer/videographer?
        Yes, you can add a second shooter for both photography and videography to your chosen package.

        What camera equipment do you use?
        We use professional quality Canon Cameras and a range of quality L series lenses, as well as quality canon speedlight flashes for moments that need a little extra lighting. We use 5D mIV’s, 5DmIII’s & 6D’s

        Do you have insurance?
        Yes, both Danielle and Mikayla are covered under public liability insurance up to $5 million each. We can supply your venue with insurance documents if requested.

        Do you use drones?
        Yes! Danielle’s husband Matt is our drone pilot. He is CASA certified and insured. You can add this on to your photo and/or video package (unless your wedding location is within 5km of an airport or nearby a hospital with a helipad, eg. Many areas of southern gold coast such as Coollangatta are not flyable unfortunately)

        Why Is wedding photography/videography so expensive?
        This question has been answered many times on Bridal blogs and magazines, but essentially there is more to photography and videography than what you see the day of your wedding. The cost of your package is carefully constructed and covers not only our time spent with you on the day, but also the cost of our equipment and maintenance, photo editing software, insurance, professional memberships, travel, other business expenses, tax, GST and most importantly time spent editing and perfecting your images or video.



        How many images do you take?
        There are no limits to the number of images we take! We ensure that we capture as many precious moments we can.

        Do we receive all the images you take?
        Basically yes! We remove any images that are out of focus, or someone’s eyes are shut, the rest are yours!

        How do we receive our images?
        We deliver your images un-watermarked in high resolution via an online gallery you can share with family & friends as well as on a keepsake USB so you can print them at your leisure.

        Do you offer engagement shoots?
        Yes! All of our wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement shoot. We use this as an opportunity to get to know you as a couple and allow you to get comfortable in front of our cameras, making the wedding day flow easier. You can also use these images for Save the Dates, or invitations etc.

        Do you edit all of our images?
        Yes! Every individual image is edited in Lightroom with our custom ‘D’Arcy & Co’ look to ensure each image is perfect.

        How long after the wedding will we receive our images?
        You will receive 2-3 photos the day after your wedding to share with family and friends. The remaining images will be ready within 6-8 weeks.

        Do you back up your images?
        Yes, all our files are backed up on multiple harddrives.

        Can we give you a list of specific shots we want?
        We require you to send us a list of all family members and groupings you want photographed for the family portrait session. As well as any other important details or people who we MUST get photos/video of. We don’t know what’s most important to you unless you tell us.

        How much time do you require for photos with our bridal party?
        Allow 1-1½ hours for photos of you as newlyweds and with your bridal party. We recommend this is scheduled the hour before dusk, also known as the golden hour, as this is the best light for portraits. We can assist you with your timeline planning to help ensure the best possible outcome for all images.

        Do you supply the RAW images/video?
        Short answer no. Raw images are in an unreadable format unless you have photo editing software. We supply you with every image taken so you have no need for RAW files.
        However, you can purchase the RAW video files as an extra to your film package.

        Do you photograph/film same sex ceremonies?
        Yes of course!

        Are you AIPP accredited? (and what even is the AIPP?)
        The AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) is a governing body of professional photographers who maintain the standards of the industry.
        Accreditation is designed to give you, the consumer, confidence that your Professional Photographer is a proven, experienced, technically capable, professional practitioner, who complies with all legal business requirements, has appropriate insurance and who is willing to agree to the mandatory Code of Professional Practice and to the requirement to continually improve their photographic skills by committing to continue their professional development.
        Danielle is AIPP accredited and Mikayla is currently in the process of receiving accreditation.



        How long will my video be?
        That depends on your chosen package, but typically between 3-6 minutes.

        Can I get the full ceremony or speeches filmed?
        Yes! We offer this as an extra to your video package. This includes multi camera angles edited together to create a nice documentary style video of your ceremony and/or guest speeches.

        Can I pick the music?
        We choose music to best suit the mood and energy of your wedding day, however we are open to your suggestions, but we can only use licensed music in our films. You can still send us a list of songs you like and we can try our best to find a way to license them, but we may not be able to. Most popular top 40 songs are unavailable or very expensive for example.

        How long after the wedding will we receive our video?
        You will receive a 10 second teaser the day after your wedding, as well as a 60 second sneak peek within 2 weeks. Your full film and any extras you have ordered will be ready within 6-8 weeks.