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Aylin & Ant

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Drums, Elvis, Belly Dancers... Oh what a night!

Bring on the beat!

This couple knew what they wanted, and went straight for the win!

Aylin and Ant chose Austinvilla in the beautiful hinterland of the Gold Coast to pledge their love to one another - a simply stunning venue. What Austinvilla didn't know was that Aylin & Ant had plans to transform their lovely venue in to a one-stop-party-shop, all to help celebrate their big day!

We're talking an Elvis impersonator, Belly Dancers and the beat of thunderous drums for their guests to shake and let loose to! It was amazing! And why not?! There's no reason a wedding shouldn't be a day filled with fun and frivolity, as well as love and laughter.

Entertainment was a central theme, as well as giving the guests the time of their lives. It's wonderful when a couple thinks of their guests when deciding on everything for their day - a foresight that is often neglected, especially whilst the Bride & Groom are off getting their photos.

But there wasn't a detail left out, and this wonderfully unique, young couple were smiling the entire day - much like their guests.

The day and night went off without a hitch, and friends and family will certainly be remembering this wedding for years to come...

Congratulations Aylin & Ant!

From all of us at Danielle Knight & Co, we wish you a bright, beautiful future that mirrors the fantastic day you allowed us to be part of.

To view the wonderful teaser trailer we've put together for Aylin and Ant's big day, click the link below...

See you through the lens,

Danielle Knight & Co.


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