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Bianca & Jacob

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Sunshine, smiles and a day that was just "legend-ary..."

Bliss in Bribie...

From the moment the sun came up, there was an air of excitement in Bribie Island where Jacob and Bianca were both staying at Sandstone Point. And what a day it was. Everything was perfect, and Brisbane was really turning it up for the bride and grooms big day!

Overlooking the spectacular white sand beaches of Bribie Island on pastures of deep green, the two lovers were surrounded with animals, friends, laughter and most importantly, love. With effortless ease, Bianca managed to make her grand entrance with her loving Father to a teary eyed Jacob, who was positively blown away with his gorgeous bride and wife-to-be.

A pandemic may have stopped any dancefloor from taking place, but that couldn't put a dampener on these guys - and the crowd was kept happily entertained thanks to the Bride and Groom's wonderful family members, who each gave a speech, every one funnier than the last!

These speeches were in addition to the post ceremony hilarity, which culminated in the bride and groom unknowingly both quoting their favourite TV Show - 'How I Met Your Mother', making the vows nothing short of Legend-ary!

Guests were treated to the wonderful hospitality and professionalism of Sandstone Point with a sumptuous three course meal, followed by the incredible cake taking inspiration from Harry Potter and its Golden Snitch! The entire day was simply magical, and we were so happy and humbled to be a part of it!

Congratulations Bianca and Jacob!

From all of us at Danielle Knight & Co, we wish you so much love and light for your future. You deserve all of it!

To view the wonderful highlight film we helped to capture and create, and view more of our videography, click the link here:

Or view the full gallery here:

See you through the lens,

Danielle Knight & Co


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