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The Essential Snaps

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

A big day for anybody involved, the photos you really want to treasure can often be overlooked without help...

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So, what can you do?

First and foremost, hire a professional photographer. Candice may be good with a camera, and she might've done a great job at Aunt Beatrice's 60th, but this is your big day, and you don't want anything less than spectacular!

Having your treasured loved ones by your side on your wedding day is an experience that is truly unforgettable. Maybe you're only a group of five or ten, or maybe you've invited everybody you've ever met! Either way, it's almost guaranteed that you'll want plenty of moments you want to capture.

With the obvious exception of the ceremony and the classic couple shots, there are a plethora of other shots that can make your day something to really remember.

We've put together a short list of the essential snaps for your big day...


The gals, the guys - sometimes it's the details...

Often, the girls' time coming up to the big event is filled with such love and emotion, that the pictures coming from it cannot be faked. Spending time with your whole bridal party is important, but it's crucial to get some shots of just you and the gals! Equally important is getting a shot of just the boys - after all, it's his day too!

Once all of your crew have arrived, it's time to slip into the first wedding day outfit...your bridal robe! You'll all be looking fabulous so of course you need to capture this luxe look!

Be sure to ask your photographer to capture those last moments of getting ready. They are guaranteed to be filled with emotions!


These are the people who make your day what it is - amazing! The Bridal party and Groomsmen are at the heart of helping your day move forward, as well as making it that little bit more wonderful. They are usually close friends and loved ones, which is why it's so essential to capture lots of gorgeous snaps with them all.

Once the ceremony is over, then you and your squad will have the chance to get some fun and creative photos together. Be sure you get a group with the whole bridal party, and don't be afraid to take some silly photos too! Be yourselves and enjoy the experience.


The most important part of the day - having fun!

Weddings don't always have to be the most serious thing in the world! For some couples, spending time with all different groups and people is the way to go. Others tend to employ fun, group activities so everyone can enjoy the day together.

If you all plan to get ready together, be sure to capture all of the magical moments. If you have any activities planned, make sure you get lots of candid shots! After all, they are the absolute best photos you will treasure forever...

See you through the lens,

Danielle Knight & Co.


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