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Melanie & James

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Hear me when the wind blows...

A day that that will whisper through the trees forever...

D'Arcy & Co. was invited to shoot Melanie and James' big day atop the gorgeous hillside and the results were nothing short of magical! The wind may have picked up a little, but it made for some absolutely spellbinding imagery.

A lot of brides will desperately plea with you to choose carefully when deciding on a date and venue for your big day: Winter is too cold, Spring can be too windy, Summer too hot... The list goes on.

But it's days like Melanie and James' wedding that really puts that misconception in its place.

The two love birds decided to marry and photograph at the beautiful Rainforest Gardens in the gorgeous area of Mount Cotton - a feat that was both brave and ingenious all at once, especially on the end of a cooler Winter when the winds are known to be blowing hard and strong.

But the results really speak for themselves, and we couldn't be happier with how the photos and video turned out.

From what could have been almost disastrous, Melanie and James managed to immortalise their love in a unique, moving and simply wonderful beauty all of their own.

Congratulations Melanie & James!

From all of us at D'Arcy & Co, we wish you an amazing life together, filled with the wonderful love and happiness you allowed us to capture. Thank you!

To see what we mean, please watch the highlight film below, and the beautiful work we created for them:

Or for more information of booking your photography/videography package, visit us at

See you through the lens,

Danielle Knight & Co.


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