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Styling Your Big Day...

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Tradition is wonderful, but not always necessary...

Weddings aren't just for churches anymore...

Mixing up ideas and concocting gorgeous, new and exciting aesthetics for your big day can be a little daunting.

A wedding and its theme should be a direct reflection of who you both are as people. Don't let anybody tell you that a dress that isn't white is bad luck, or that getting married in somebody's back yard isn't a good idea!

Weddings have come such a long way - just look at some of these alternative stying aesthetics! I'm sure you'll agree, a church wedding is a distant dream...

From animals and off the beaten path locations to food and drink served and dresses chosen, your big day should be a completely unique and happiness inducing concept - you do what you want to do!

Include animals, take your photos somewhere you've always loved, say your vows where you first met... The list of options is infinite, and none are better choices than the others.

When it boils down to it, you want to choose how you style your big day in a way that makes you smile when you look back on it. This is a day when you swore yourself to another, and that's a beautiful thing.

If you need help trying to find your creative style, there are plenty of stylists and wedding coordinators out there that can help. But nothing will be more special than a day that is completely you, and your loved one.

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